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Site Facilitators are very important to the success of a satellite broadcast. They prepare and man the satellite downlink locations at which participants may view the program.To create a program, if you have such a need, you will be helped by specialists in this field, where you can buy custom essay and reproduce all ideas and wishes in actual work. These sites must have a steerable antenna which can receive either Ku- or C-band channels.  

Sign-Up to be a Facilitator

For Site Facilitator roles Click Here

Create your own Username and Password to begin registering viewing sites and administering your account. Once you have created your Username and Password, you may register as many sites as you wish by logging-in to the Administration area.

Enter Administration Area

Enter the facilitator administration area by using your Username and Password.

You must register your site in order to receive this satellite broadcast at your viewing facility.

Register each site only one time. You may also revise information on sites you have already registered, delete site records, or track participants at your sites by searching the participant database.

View Sites Search the Viewing Site database to see what other facilities are receiving the broadcast.
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For assistance using the on-line registration system, use the Help/Feedback Form to contact the On-line Registrar.
Thank you for serving as a Site Facilitator for this program!

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