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Where to find Satellite Viewing Facilities (Downlink Sites)

If none of the registered viewing sites within our database are near you, you may be able to locate a local viewing facility and request that they participate.

Downlink sites can be found in a variety of places. The following is a partial listing of those places which may contain a satellite viewing facility.

If you find a new site that you would like to use, contact the Site Administrator to encourage them to register the site to receive this free broadcast.

Health Care Facilities
Many health care facilities (hospitals/medical centers, clinics, American Red Cross offices, medical/dental colleges, schools of public health, etc.) are prime candidates in your search to locate a downlink facility.

Note: The American Red Cross has a fixed dish system and can only access one satellite (G-star 2). Unless the program is being transmitted on that particular satellite, we are unable to use their facilities.

Educational Facilities
The recent push towards distance-based training has resulted in the development of satellite networks to accommodate this rapidly growing technology. Many public and private schools (K through 12), as well as colleges and universities, already have satellite viewing facilities in place. Many others have begun to develop downlink capabilities.

Note: Contact your local Board of Education to obtain locations of viewing facilities within public schools (K through 12) in your area. You will need to contact colleges and universities individually.

Broadcast TV
If contacted early enough, Public Broadcast Companies and local cable companies may be able to fit you in their schedule; however, there may be considerable costs involved.

Hotels, insurance companies, retail businesses, etc. may have downlink facilities. Again, you will need to contact these individually and there may certainly be a cost.

Sport Bars
Many neighborhood restaurants offer a steady diet of televised sporting events to their patrons. Since most major events are televised in the evening, you may be able to negotiate the use of the establishment for PHTN programs occurring in early afternoon.

Private Homes
Privately owned satellite dishes are not as popular as they once were; however, in rural areas where commercial cable is not available, you may find a friend or two with satellite dishes in their backyards.



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