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Biological & Chemical Warfare and Terrorism - Medical Issues and Response

Site Administrators of VTC Viewing Sites

Mini FAQ

What do I need to downlink this broadcast?
How do I register a site to downlink this event?
Why do I need a Personal Account?
I registered sites last year. What do I do?
What are the roles and responsibilities of a Site Administrator?
How do I obtain student materials?
How do I obtain a Site Administrator Guide?
What are the broadcast coordinates?
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We are one of the Educational blog that popularize and promote education to the masses, thus providing the population with quality materials and popular current ideas and opinions. After registering your VTC viewing site on biomedtraining.org, you must make arrangement to use the MEDCOM Bridge by:

sending an email to:

Please have your site ID number available.

VTC Registration Deadlines

January 8 Broadcast- VTC Registration closes December 31, 2002
March 5 Broadcast - VTC Registration closes February 27, 2003
May 21 Broadcast - VTC Registration closes May 14, 2003
July 9 Broadcast - VTC Registration closes June 30, 2003
August 27 Broadcast - VTC Registration closes August 20, 2003



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