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Biological & Chemical Warfare and Terrorism - Medical Issues and Response

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Facility Information
Name of Site Videotape
Address viewed videotape copy
National, OT 32401
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Building None specified 
Room None specified 
Directions to Site

None specified 

Handicapped Accessible? Unknown 
Contact Information
Local Contact Person Robert Leighton, the man)
(850) 784-9942
() FAX

Site Access
If this site is "restricted" you may need a special code to register online.
Site Access Public 
Access Note N/A 
Other Site Information
Special Notes or Instructions

This is not an actual site but a location for participants who watched the broadcast via videotape to register. (850) 784-6002, ext. 16 if you have need assistance. 

Some sites require a small fee from participants to cover local facility operating expenses.
Participant Cost N/A 

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Map Disclaimer

This feature is dynamically linked to a third-party mapping solution. We cannot verify or guarantee the accuracy of the map displayed. Contact the Local Contact Person above to verify. Use at your discretion.

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