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Roles and Responsibilities of a Site Administrator

Site Administrators are individuals who prepare and man the site for a satellite broadcast. They serve in the same basic role as a facilitator of a meeting or training session. You can read below what their responsibilities are, as well as on best custom writing service from https://bestwritingservice.com/ you can read a lot of tips and instructions on how to do better in certain cases, or how to properly write about certain phenomena. Their responsibilities include the following:

Visit / prepare the site.

This may include coordinating with the site contact, reserving the room, ensuring adequate chairs, ensuring a telephone, fax machine, or internet-enabled computer for submission of questions; posting viewing room location signs; and familiarizing yourself with the building (rest rooms, water fountains, fire escapes, etc.) You should arrive early to set things up each day of the broadcast.

Make preparations to receive the program signal.

This includes identifying who will program/operate the receiver equipment, how to contact your technician in the event that the equipment malfunctions, ensuring the equipment is checked during the signal test time and obtaining the satellite coordinates for the program. Satellite coordinates will be available approximately 30 days prior to the broadcast. Visit the Satellite Technical Specifications page for more information.

Have your site certified (Video Conferencing).

All Video Conferencing administrators are required to have their site certified, with the hosting site's bridge. The bridge (USAMISSA-SA VNC) imposes this equipment certification policy on all videoconference customers in order to protect the integrity of each conference.

  1. The certifying site is responsible for coordinating a test date and time for the video/audio equipment to be certified.
  2. During the call, the Bridge will verify maximum bandwidth capability, verify equipment compatibility, and gauge user familiarity with the equipment.
  3. When the equipment has been certified, the details will be entered in the USAMISSA-SA Video Phone Book, and the site will be available for scheduling in multi-point conferences.

NOTE: USAMRISSA handles reservations on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the available ports have been reserved, you may not be able to register your site for this viewing method.

To Get Certified

Download the Equipment Certification document, complete and either FAX or E-mail the USAMISSA-SA VTC BRIDGE CERTIFICATION form to the USAMISSA-SA Video Network Center. See forms for further instructions.

Certification Form (Word | 84K)
Reservation Form (Word | 79K)

Monitor your site during participant registration period.

Keep an eye on the progress of your site attendance through the Manage Site area. You can keep your attendees informed of important information by using the e-mail utility found there. If available seating is disappearing rapidly, you can adjust the seating count and make more spots available.

Obtain the program materials and make copies, as necessary.

Materials may be posted on the Internet or mailed, but original optical scan forms, if required, will be mailed to you approximately 30 days prior to the broadcast. Any mailed materials will be mailed to the address you provided when enrolling your site. You must ensure the forms and other materials are available at the site on the day of the broadcast.

For downloadable/printable student materials, visit the Program Materials page.

Welcome and familiarize the participants with general site information.

You should familiarize yourself with the contents of the program's Fact Sheet and readily know the location of rest rooms, water fountains, snack bars, emergency phones, procedures for a fire, facility restrictions regarding food, parking, security, etc.

Distribute the participant materials.

Facilitate/encourage group discussion, as instructed during the broadcast.

Assist participants in calling/faxing/e-mailing in questions.

If anyone does not feel comfortable being on-air, you can volunteer to call in for them.

Call in questions: 800-527-1401
Fax in questions: 888-361-4011
E-mail questions to [email protected]

Distribute the evaluation/examination questions and clarify the process for obtaining Continuing Education.

The evaluation and printable CE are only available online. Printed evaluations and scantron forms will not be used.

Thank participants.

Clean up. Straighten up the room and remove any signs that you posted in the building.

Be sure to have a generous supply of humor and patience to deal with any surprises that may arise the day of the broadcast! Your commitment to making sure the program runs smoothly is a critical part of the presentation. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of you, the Site Administrator, in making each broadcast a success. We could not do these programs without the hard work and support of administrators. Your support is most appreciated!

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