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Posted by on December 20, 2001 at 09:38:20:

I thought you might want to know what viewers think about the program. First - it was full of very interesting and useful information, especially for community leaders. It addresses many of the issues I was helping my local community grapple with two months ago. Too bad it wasn't released sooner. I hope it gets to the right people now, mayor's offices (we now have a brand new administration in my town since the work was done, so I'll have to start over to make sure they have someone who is updated), fire departments and police departments. This very day there was a complaint by someone high in police adminstration in my state complaining about lack of funding for training - did they all sign up for this broadcast? If not, maybe you can reach out to them and offer it! The Q&A from callers was also very interesting and helpful. I think what was missing was visuals. If you had summarized information in tables (the two by two matrix for example) the first time it was mentioned rather than after a lengthy discussion, and put more in writing to reiterate content it would help. Any figures (e.g. ratios of psych to medical cases) should be in writing, etc. Doing this would allow you to shorten the broadcast. I was the ONLY ONE in my showing, in an empty large auditorium. This is almost more scary to me than the terrorists. Who do the others think will be doing the work when the next problem arises? But I don't know anyone at this medical center who could have easily taken three days off work to attend the whole thing. You will defeat your purpose if you don't find a way to make it shorter and punchier. Presenting the issue of two attacks in one was really good. P.S. Dr. Ciesluk was very good and effective but clowning around detracted. Not being prepared with the answer to outflow from negative pressure rooms with respect to smallpox was very bad form. You should have anticipated this question. Dr. Barbera was great. You should ask him to moderate this next time. Bugs was a great final touch.

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