The Military and Public Health Response
Live Satellite Broadcast

Participant Materials
All of the participant materials for the Biological Warfare and Terrorism Broadcast are available here for download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf files. Acrobat Reader is available Free.

    There are approximately 251 pages of program materials. Download all pages by selecting from the menu below and saving the .pdf files to your computer.

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    1. Course Handbook - 85 pages (257k)

    2. Handbook Appendix A- 12 pages (36.1k)

    3. Handbook Appendix B - 2 pages (6.7k)

    4. Handbook Appendix C-G - 5 pages (20.2k)

    5. Handbook Appendix H- 1 page (8.03k)

    6. Handbook Appendix I- 3 pages (12.4k)

    7. Handbook Appenix J- 6 pages (19.9k)

    8. Student Materials- 24 pages (406k)

    9. Evaluations & Exams - 15 pages (231k)

    10. APIC-CDC Template for Healthcare - 34 pages (115k)

    11. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report- 64 pages (457k)

    12. MMWR pg. 25 Update- 1 page (8.75k)

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