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dose of smallpox vaccine

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dose of smallpox vaccine

During the March 5 program, it was stated that smallpox first timers only needed 3 insertions with the bifurcated needle, and revaccinators needed 15.

Here is the CDC statement to the contrary.

The committee affirmed the recommendation that 15 insertions [on January 29, 2003, ACIP recommended that smallpox vaccine be given in accordance with the package insert, with 3 insertions of the bifurcated needle for primary vaccination and 15 insertions for revaccination] of the bifurcated needle be used for both primary vaccination and revaccination. Although the FDA package insert recommends 2 to 3 insertions for primary vaccinations, the committee based its recommendation on experience gained during the global eradication program and recent smallpox vaccine clinical trials.

Wed Mar 05, 2003 4:38 pm 
Larry Lee

Response to ACIP recommendations

That is the same question I asked our State after telling the hospitals I worked with that ACIP advised 15 for all. Their response was that until FDA changes their documentation, we are required to follow the package insert.

Sun Apr 20, 2003 6:27 pm 
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