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?Health Providers and Pts post-vaccination

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?Health Providers and Pts post-vaccination

I hope someone can clear something up for me. I do understand that after smallpox immunization there is a risk of vaccinia transmission to oneself as well as to close contacts with risk of significant adverse effects in those with immunodeficiency or specific skin conditions.

Since I've started working at the local county health dept, I've heard from some physicians and EMS workers that if a health care provider is vaccinated they are essentially "out of commission" and cannot have patient contact for 14 days. I've not heard of this (and do not understand if the patients are not in the high risk category) and do not know what document(s) this is coming from. If the statement is true, could you tell me from where/who this recommendation comes?

I surely appreciate any information you can provide. As I am new to civilian public health, I am sort of behind the power curve at the present time (but am reading and researching as much as possible!)

Thu Nov 07, 2002 8:13 am 
g spivey

vaccination of health care providers

My understanding from CDC and ACIP information as well as from the broadcast itself is that a health care provider can carry out normal functions as long as the vaccination site is properly covered. In the broadcast they used a semipermeable bandage over a guaze pad. I still would be hesitant to work around immunocompromised individuals.

Tue Nov 12, 2002 1:28 pm 
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