Biological and Chemical Warfare and Terrorism:
Advanced Topics on Medical Defense Against Biological & Chemical Agents

sponsored by
the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the Department of Veterans Affairs' Employee Education System, and the Emergency Management Strategic Healthcare Group


A complete training program
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FREE Continuing Education Credit available on line!

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Following on-line registration and evaluation of the course at, viewers can earn up to 14.4 hours of continuing education credit.
ACCME, ANA, ASWB and general certificates available.

medical and public health professionals become proficient in the recognition and management of biological and chemical casualties!

medical and civilian defense personnel to treat chemical agent casualties!

needs training to insure lives are saved and long-term effects from chemical agent exposure are minimized


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Summer Special Package Includes:

  • All Six programs on your choice of DVD or Video
    Smallpox: Recognition & Response(Program 1)
    Advanced Management of Nerve Agents & Sulfur Mustard Casualties (Program 2)
    Vaccines Against Biological Warfare Agents (Program 3)
    Chemical Threat Agents(Program 4)
    Toxins as Biological Warfare & Terrorism Agents (Program5)
    Chemical Threat Agents: What History Has Taught Us (Program 6)

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  • DVD set 1 (A compiled DVD of Programs 1-3)
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  • DVD set 2 (A compiled DVD of Programs 4-6)
    Regular Retail Price $99

  • FREE Printable materials included on DVD sets 1 & 2: USAMRIID's Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook, Nerve Agents in Children Guildelines, Reference Material list, Program fact sheets.
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